R&D Infrastructure

Colour measurement (Spectrophotometer CM-2500c)

Thermographic analysis of polymer fabrication processes (Infrared camera FLIR T 425)

Off-line thickness measurement (Yamabun TOF-5R)

Retroreflective materials testing (Multi-geometry handheld retroreflectometer - Model 932)

Tension and compression measurement (Digital force and torque gauges Mecmesins - Model AFG)

Rheological properties measurement (Viscometer Brookfiled DV2TRV)

Flammability determination (Dynisco Limiting Oxygen Index chamber LOI)

Melt flow index measurement (Dynisco Melt Flow Indexer LMI 5000)

Rapid Prototyping – parts, prototypes and 3D models creation (3D printers: 3d-UP a Creatr XL)

3D digitizing of components (3D scanner ATOS Compact Scan 5M)

Processing of the 3D measurements results (PC Triline Integra 3D CAD SolidWorks)

Computed tomography - Non-invasive 3D imaging technique (Tomographic station - software VG StudioMAX 2.2)

Climatic testing (Climatic chamber Angelantoni Discovery DY 250)

Machining centre for prototype moulds/tools preparation (MAS Kovosvit 3-axis vertical machining centre MCV 1000 SPRINT)

Testing of the physical foaming of polymers (Promix Foam System A1)

Processing unit for plastic waste disintegration
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